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11 July 2016

Beer & music, a perfect union!

Birra e musica, un matrimonio perfetto! the right soundtrack can make us change the perception about the beer we are drinking continue
27 June 2016

Comac speeds up on the road to Lean Production - Interview with Stefano Gotti

foto Stefano Gotti News at Comac's production department: as of June 2016, Stefano Gotti is the new manager for Planning and Scheduling Operations. We chatted with Stefano to let him explain his new role and, most of all, to know more about lean production, one of the matters Stefano deals with. continue
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Lean production

Comac takes advantage of the "Lean Production" system for a more performing management of its organization.

To streamline the inner procedures, reduces waste and optimizes the organization, whilst maintaining constant quality, Comac applies the "Lean production" as business philosophy.

The project TPS (Toyota Production System) includes the reorganization of  the production, of the design and the improvement of all the current methodologies for a more efficient process, minimizing any kind of waste.

As a support of this effective system, it was considered necessary to introduce new computer technologies that promote the standardization of the processes, products and BPM (Business Project Management) management platforms.

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