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20 June 2016

Comfort Beer: The Cuddling Beer Also Good for Sportmen

Beer is my comfort food The word comfort food is in the English dictionaries since the Seventies but this notion, in Italy, has been making its way for some years, due to dedicated blogs and catalogues. Comfort food, as you can guess, is the food that conveys human warmth, which is maybe connected to a good memory or to family traditions. It is not per se the best food but it’s the one we eat when we need cuddles. continue
20 November 2015

The Comac Trophy goest to the Schooner Exact Brewing Co from Seattle.

brusselbeerchallenge This year the prize has been conferred to an American brewery, the Schooner Exact Brewing Co from Seattle for the great quality of its Hopvine India Pale Ale. continue
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Lean production

Comac takes advantage of the "Lean Production" system for a more performing management of its organization.

To streamline the inner procedures, reduces waste and optimizes the organization, whilst maintaining constant quality, Comac applies the "Lean production" as business philosophy.

The project TPS (Toyota Production System) includes the reorganization of  the production, of the design and the improvement of all the current methodologies for a more efficient process, minimizing any kind of waste.

As a support of this effective system, it was considered necessary to introduce new computer technologies that promote the standardization of the processes, products and BPM (Business Project Management) management platforms.

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