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Comac Group is in the business of making bottling plants and other packaging products. The company is based in Bergamo (Northern Italy) and it is the leading maker of automated systems for bottling plants, especially for beer bottling and soft drinks bottling. Big and small companies benefit from the products that we offer. In fact, we have the solutions for all bottling needs. Our staff is dedicated to ensure that the customers get solutions which are in line with their production.




The award winning company is dedicated to providing products to brewers, which make it easy for them to serve to their customers plants which can refill as many bottles as possible within the shortest time. We use our twenty years experience to make the production capacity of our customer bigger and better. The company is dedicated to help the industry grow and that is why we provide a round the clock technical assistance. If customers experience problems while operating, they can contact us and they will have access to technical help anytime of the day.


Bottling plant for sale


With a bottling plant from Comac Group it is possible to refill bottles of different sizes; the machine is available for filling different types of liquids:


  • alcoholic
  • soft drinks
  • beverages


Investing in a bottling machine allows the brewer or any other industry not only to refill the bottles but it also gives them a machine which will serve them for a long period. It is an investment that will last for a long period to serve the business, reducing the cost of packing and refilling drinks.

The machines are made out of quality materials, capable of lasting long enough to recoup the cost of investment and to give the business a long and profitable service.


Pegged on production capacity


The bottling plants are fully automated. That means that they are easy to operate. The user only needs to familiarize with the operations and start refilling bottles. They are available for small, medium and large producers:

  • The bottling plants for small breweries can process up to 4.000 bottles per hour, carrying out the rinsing cycle, the filling and the capping of the filled bottles. The process is completely automatic.

  • The bottling plants for medium breweries let you rinse, fill and cap from 4.000 up to 12.000 bottles per hour. The plants are completely automatic, equipped with a control panel that let you check every single step of the process.

  • The bottling plants for big breweries are designed according to modular logics, that let them meet any production capacity above 12.000 bottles per hour. Fully automated, these plants are studied to reach the maximum efficiency, helping you increase the productivity of your business.


Brewers and other business which use bottles to package their products can rely on Comac Group bottling plants to speed up their production capacity.

It is the best bottling plant for sale that any business can get, since it makes the production process simple and effective.


Get a product for sale: select one that meets your needs and fill out the contact form requesting for a quote.

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