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20 November 2015

The Comac Trophy goest to the Schooner Exact Brewing Co from Seattle.

brusselbeerchallenge This year the prize has been conferred to an American brewery, the Schooner Exact Brewing Co from Seattle for the great quality of its Hopvine India Pale Ale. continue
27 February 2015

Russian River - The Spiritual Legacy of Pliny the Elder

Russian River (4) It’s widely known that the United States has become the leading country in a relentless growth of craft breweries, with more than 3,000 of them that presumably produce over 50,000 different beers. continue
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Microbreweries 4SizeS
Comac devotes special attention to the area of microbreweries and craft breweries, a sector which has gained a good knowledge in recent years installing machines and small plants in many of the states of North America.

Today this market is growing worldwide and Comac has designed a project specifically dedicated to microbreweries, entrusting the task to an experienced, young and dynamic team in order to offer brewers and quality beer lovers a specific advice, satisfying their needs.

Our project is named "4sizeS" because 4 is the number of members of the team that, with passion and interest, take care of small breweries (hence Size S) in Italy and in the world.


Up to now we have followed the evolution of this market abroad, but we are Italian and want to work in Italy too, becoming a confident partner in the sector made up of people who share the same passion, the one for quality beer.

The team consists of Miss Silvia, Miss Federica, Mrs. Manuela and Mr. Alexei, able to provide all the information on the range of machines for microbreweries and craft breweries manufactured by Comac.


For information, please call the number 035/4994211.


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    Bottle filler mod. 9-9-1 (Colombia) - 1,800 bottles per hour
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    Installation of the can line mod. 8-1 (Texas, USA) - 3,500 cans per hour
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    Can filler mod. 8-1 (Texas, USA) - 3,500 cans per hour
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    Bottle filler mod. 12-12-1 (Virginia, USA) - 2,800 bottles per hour
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