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Monoblock for production from 4000 to 25000 cans/hour

Automatic filling and seaming systems for aluminum, steel and tin cans, available in various models based on hourly productivity that customers demand. All the machines are equipped with a filling system with isobaric valves and a system of seaming, installed on a single support structure with a stainless steel perimeter protection.

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11 July 2016

Beer & music, a perfect union!

Birra e musica, un matrimonio perfetto! the right soundtrack can make us change the perception about the beer we are drinking continue
27 June 2016

Comac speeds up on the road to Lean Production - Interview with Stefano Gotti

foto Stefano Gotti News at Comac's production department: as of June 2016, Stefano Gotti is the new manager for Planning and Scheduling Operations. We chatted with Stefano to let him explain his new role and, most of all, to know more about lean production, one of the matters Stefano deals with. continue

Automatic system from 4000 up to 25000 CPH

Automatic systems for processing and packaging of canned beverages of any size, made of aluminum, steel and tinplate. The range of machines available allows to cover the production requirements from 4000 cans/hour up to 25000 cans/hour.

These systems are designed to carry out automatically the cycles of filling and seaming of cans and can be completed with transport systems and ancillary machines complying with the customers' requirements and respecting the spaces available in the installation rooms.


Both the technology that the components used to make this type of equipment are the same used in plants with high productivity.


An operator panel allows to control all the operation parameters of the plant.


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    Can filler mod. 40-6 and single deck tunnel warmer 8.6 sqm (Morocco) - 20,000 cans per hour
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    Can filler mod. 36-6 (Indonesia) - 24,000 cans per hour
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    Can filler mod. 16-4 (Latvia) - 6,000 cans per hour
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    Can filler mod. 24-4 (Russian Federation) - 15,000 cans per hour
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    Can filler mod. 16-4 (Azerbaijan) - 6,500 cans per hour
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